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The Corner Store

Short film



The Corner Store

A small convenience store on the outskirts of the city. Gala has been working here for years. For her all days are the same. Life is dull and uninteresting, but today she will get a visit from one very special customer...

This is story about kindness and humanity inside all of us...


Director Biography - Olexander Onufriev

In 2000, graduated from the Kiev Theater Institute named after I.K. Karpenko - Karogo, Faculty of Film and Television, Department of TV Directing, workshop of N.I. Merzlikina, teacher of directing I.K. Dniprenko.

Author of short films, winners of international film festivals: "Dacha", "Reality", "Through Thorns", "Club of Losers", "Zainka", "Shop".

Director of the series: "Mystical stories", "Real mysticism - 1, 2 seasons", "Constantine's Code", "Doctor on duty - 1, 2 seasons", "Female Doctor-3", "102. Police "," Owl "," Panic Vova-2 ".

The ideological inspirer and organizer of the shows of Ukrainian comedies "Smile, Ukrainian".

He teaches at acting schools and theater studios, conducts regular master classes for novice actors "How to get on the set without annoying mistakes", and directors "Pitching - the path to the implementation of a film project", as well as "Short film - from idea to premieres ".

The author of the books "How to get on the set, avoiding annoying mistakes!" and "The Game" (co-authored with Irina Tetera).

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