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Awards & Prizes

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1. Main Award – BRIDGE OF PEACE Grand Prix
The award goes to the director (or directors).

2. Best Director
the award goes to the director (or directors).

3. Special Jury Award
The award may go to an actor, composer, editor, director of photography, producer, director, scriptwriter. There can only be one winner of each of the awards in the International Competition (no joint winners).

4. Best Documentary for Peace:

prize 300€

5. Best Documentary Ecolo

6. Best Documentary Ethno

7. Short Grand Prix

8. Best Short Film: prize 200€

9. Best Debut Short Film

10. Best Animation: prize 100€

11. Best Debut Documentary

12. Audience Award
(The audience votes for the best film from any section of the BRIDGE OF PEACE. The winner receives the Audience Award)

13. Best Film for Children

14. Best Film Created by Children

15. Special Mention (for the Best Camera, Best Actor, Best Script)

PLEASE NOTE: If there are fewer than 3 films in a given category, no award will be granted in that category.

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