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SECRET ACTION PLAN IN CANNES. Compiled based on advice from film market experts.

Here's a structured plan outlining the steps to prepare for, participate in, and follow up after the Cannes Market:

Before the Marché du Film
1. Research and Planning:
- Identify key buyers, sellers, and other industry professionals you want to meet.
- Familiarize yourself with the new events and initiatives, like the Immersive Competition and Cannes Remakes, to align your project or interests.
2. Scheduling:
- Schedule meetings well in advance, ideally 2-4 weeks before the market begins.
- Plan your itinerary, including travel and accommodation, ensuring you're close to the main venues.
3. Marketing Materials:
- Prepare comprehensive promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, and posters.
- Update your film catalog with all necessary metadata.
- Ensure you have plenty of business cards and digital copies of your promotional materials.
4. Logistics:
- Confirm all travel arrangements including flights, hotel bookings, and local transportation.
- Organize your calendar, leaving some slots open for unexpected meetings and opportunities.
5. Wardrobe and Presentation:
- Pack formal attire for premieres and gala events, as well as professional outfits for meetings and networking events.

During the Marché du Film
1. Networking:
- Attend scheduled meetings and use any open slots for impromptu discussions.
- Participate in key events, particularly those that align with your project or business goals, such as genre-specific showcases or country-focused presentations.
2. Visibility:
- Make use of exhibition spaces if you are showcasing a project.
- Engage actively on social platforms and market apps to increase your visibility.
3. Learning and Exploration:
- Attend panels, workshops, and seminars to stay informed about industry trends and innovations.
- Explore the market, including different pavilions and booths, to understand broader market dynamics and opportunities.
4. Enjoyment:
- Balance business activities with social events; attend film screenings and parties to foster informal relationships.

After the Marché du Film
1. Follow-Up:
- Send follow-up emails and thank-you notes to all contacts made during the market.
- Organize and review notes from meetings to action any opportunities discussed.
2. Assessment and Strategy:
- Evaluate the outcomes of the market in terms of contacts made, deals initiated, and insights gained.
- Plan the next steps for any projects or deals that are moving forward.
3. Continued Engagement:
- Keep in touch with new contacts and nurture ongoing relationships.
- Share updates about your projects and developments to keep your network engaged.
This plan will help you maximize your participation at the Marché du Film, ensuring you make the most of both the networking opportunities and the array of films and projects showcased at Cannes.
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