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The main categories of rights in cinema industry

In the modern film industry, there are many types of rights that can be sold or licensed for movies. Here are that are usually considered when selling or distributing films:

1. Theatrical Rights - Rights to show the film in cinemas. These rights can be sold by country or region.
2. Home Video Rights - Rights to sell the film on DVD, Blu-ray, and other physical formats.
3. Digital Rights - Include rights to sell or rent the film through digital platforms, such as iTunes or Amazon.
4. Television Broadcasting Rights - Rights to broadcast the film on television, which can be divided into rights for pay television, cable television, and terrestrial television.
5. Streaming Rights - Rights to show the film on streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+.
6. International Rights - Rights to distribute the film outside the country of production. These rights can be sold separately for different territories.
7. Adaptation Rights - Rights to create derivative works, such as remakes, sequels, or television series based on the original film.
8. Air Rights - Rights to show the film on airplanes and other forms of transportation.
9. Educational Rights - Rights to use the film for educational purposes, in schools, universities, or other educational institutions.
10. Merchandising Rights - Rights to sell merchandise related to the film, such as toys, clothing, posters, and other souvenirs.

These rights can be sold or licensed separately or in combination, depending on the distribution strategy of the film and the goals of producers and rights holders.
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