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Bridge of Peace is an online film festival
and promoter of cinematic projects

We created the Bridge of Peace Film Festival in France in order to focus the audience's attention on the pressing problems of humanity, in order to seek and find an answer to the question of how to create a world without wars, without oppression, how to learn to respect the traditions and culture of other peoples, how to preserve nature and its diversity for new generations.

International Film Festival Bridge of Peace is a competition of documentary and fiction films. The purpose of the festival is to support the creative searches of young filmmakers, to promote national feature films, films on ecology, history and ethnography in order to improve mutual understanding between people living in different countries and having different cultural identity.

Not only film screenings and awards

The Bridge of Peace Film Festival promotes new markets. We collaborate with film distribution companies and film distribution platforms. We study 
film distribution process, film distribution strategy, film distribution plans, film distribution agreements in order to complete film distribution deals, to create film distribution network.
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