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Welcome to our platform dedicated to PROMOTE FILMS and PROJECTS in Europe, America, and Asia.

We specialize in showcasing exceptional cinematic works that have received recognition and accolades. Our mission is to connect these outstanding films with diverse audiences around the world, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation for cinematic excellence.


Through strategic promotion and distribution efforts, we ensure that these films reach new markets and captivate audiences across continents. Whether it's the rich storytelling of European cinema, the innovative creativity of American filmmaking, or the vibrant diversity of Asian cinema, we strive to amplify the impact of award-winning films on a global scale.

Join us in celebrating cinematic brilliance and expanding the reach of award-winning films to new horizons. Explore our platform and discover the next generation of cinematic masterpieces.

Line Up 2024 
Hide and Seek


20-28 September 2024

FEST - Festival and

24 June- 01 July 2024


Film Market in Tokyo

30 October - 01 November 2024

online film festival

09-15 November 2024

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