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Welcome to our Membership Page!

Here, you can explore a world of opportunities to join our vibrant community dedicated to film festivals and art events.


Membership Opportunities with Our Non-Profit Association for Film Festivals and Art Events

Welcome to our vibrant and passionate community dedicated to the celebration of film and art! Our non-profit association is committed to organizing BRIDGE OF PEACE film festival and art events that inspire creativity, promote cultural diversity, and support emerging artists.
As a member, you become an essential part of our mission to foster a thriving artistic community.
Here are the exciting membership opportunities we offer:

1. General Membership:

   - Annual Pass: Gain access to a variety of film screenings, art exhibitions, workshops, and panel discussions throughout the year.

   - Exclusive Invitations: Be among the first to know about upcoming events and receive special invitations to exclusive member-only gatherings.

   - Discounts: Enjoy reduced ticket prices, concessions, and merchandise at our festivals and events.


2. Filmmaker/Artist Membership:

   - Submission Discounts: As a filmmaker or artist, you'll receive reduced submission fees for our film festivals and art exhibitions.

   - Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals, fellow artists, and filmmakers during our networking events and workshops.

   - Portfolio/Reel Showcase: Showcase your work on our platform to gain exposure and potential collaborations.


3. Student Membership:

   - Education and Mentorship: Access educational workshops, seminars, and mentorship opportunities to enhance your filmmaking skills.

   - Internship Opportunities: Gain valuable experience through internships at our events and the BRIDGE OF PEACE film festival.

   - Discounted Memberships: film submission discounts for students.

5. Volunteer Membership:

   - Hands-On Experience: Get involved in the "behind-the-scenes" action by volunteering at our events, gaining valuable experience.

   - Complimentary Access: Earn access to events in exchange for your time and commitment.

   - Networking: Forge connections with fellow volunteers and professionals in the industry.


6. Corporate Membership:

   - Brand Exposure: Showcase your company's commitment to the arts with prominent logo placement and mentions at our events.

   - Employee Engagement: Provide your employees with unique team-building opportunities and VIP access to the BRIDGE OF PEACE film festival.

   - Collaboration Opportunities: Explore co-promotion and collaboration possibilities with ART SANS FRONTIERES - PONT DE LA PAIX  association.

More sponsorhip opportunities.

Whether you are a film enthusiast, a passionate artist, a student looking to grow in the field, a philanthropic patron, a volunteer seeking hands-on experience, or a corporation with a commitment to the arts, there's a membership opportunity for you.
Join our association and become an integral part of our mission to celebrate creativity and support emerging talent in the world of film and art. Together, we'll create a vibrant, diverse, and inspiring community that showcases the power of artistic expression.

Need more information?

To learn more about ART SANS FRONTIERES - PONT DE LA PAIX association, please visit or contact:

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