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Transformation of Cinema Art

The 74-th Cannes Film Festival is in decline. No, not because it is poorly organized - on the contrary, the film festival is well organized and, perhaps, the Cannes Film Festival is the best and most prestigious in the world. The reasons for the decline of art in general and cinema in particular are rooted in the decline of the bourgeois way of life and culture in general.

The lofty ideals, before which cinematography was kneeling in cinematography, have now been replaced by new themes lobbying the interests of the invisible "powerful of this world." Modern cinema promotes the rights of minorities, and the freedom of unbridled sexual relations among schoolchildren. These and other unchanging "values" leading to the destruction and collapse of the individual, oust from the cinema eternal truths and high civic values.

The once high rise of cinematography in bourgeois societies gave birth to incredibly talented filmmakers, actors, screenwriters from the USA, France, Italy, and Germany.
American films such as: "Francis",
"They shoot the driven horses, don't they?"
"This crazy, crazy, crazy world."
"Rocco and His Brothers" entered the World History of Cinematography.

Or let's remember the stunning in its socio-political frankness
Italian television series "Octopus" starring Michele Placido.
French films "Two in the City", Old Gun "," Adventurers "...

Just as luxury breeds poverty, just as a consumer society breeds selfish and cynical social relations, so art lives according to the same social laws.
Today high art has emancipated, so much so that it is already beginning to live according to its own closed laws.

The alienation of cinematography and the artistic elite from the people is the road to a dead end. This is what we saw today at the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

Azretali Saubanov, writer, Bridge of Peace jury member.
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