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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

We believe that people of good will should unite and support peaceful initiatives. We expect this support not only individuals, but also company managers who decide where to advertise or what cultural projects to participate in. The Bridge of Peace Film Festival is a very important socially significant project, which was created by the non-profit association "Art without Borders - Bridge of Peace" and exists on private donations and those funds that we earned from the services associated with the film festival.

Bridge of Peace film festival unite people of good will

For the further development of the festival, we need your active participation and assistance in expanding partnerships with businesses. You can contact local companies in order to promote products or services through publicity in our catalogues and web pages. Let's build bridges of peace so that all military conflicts end as soon as possible.

Find advertisers in your country for the catalogue we will distribute in Japan and the USA and earn 20% of the amount paid. Catalogue distribution area: Tokyo (Japan) and Santa Monica (USA) during Film Markets 25 October - 03 November 2023. Circulation: 700 copies.

Technical requirements: picture size 14.8cm x 21 cm horizontal +0,3 cm from each side. Resolution 300 dpi. Format JPEG, PNG, PSD, AI.

To make a donation simly use this address:


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