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WE ARE 50 !

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Dear Friends, 50 films from 30 countries have been registered for the Bridge of Peace Film Festival. This is a good start, because there are still 4 months ahead, and we expect at least 100 films participating in the competition. In addition to the previously announced topics of the festival, such as war and its consequences, migration, refugees, ecology, climate change and films for children (Christmas program), we have opened a new section "New Generation". This section may include films about the problems of children and youth, such as health, education and upbringing, family problems, drug addiction and others. Until September 01, you can use the "Early Bird" tariff. We accept payment in any currency. Registration page for the festival: Code for 20% discount: INVITE2ALMWN
Bridge of Peace film festival promoting award winning films to the new markets.


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