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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We believe that every person matters in this world, that everyone can and should influence the modern world order. We believe that if you are a citizen, not a slave and not an inhabitant, you can make this world a better place.
That is why in 2021, when the entire population of the planet was suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic, we decided to create an independent online film festival Bridge of Peace. With no funding other than our own funds, we created and launched a film festival right from a regular website. Soon the Russian-Ukrainian war began and the idea of creating the Bridge of Peace acquired special significance. In two years, we held 3 film festivals, in which about 300 films from 54 countries of the world took part. Now the time requires us to bring the Bridge of Peace Film Festival to a professional online platform. You can support the Bridge of Peace Film Festival with a small donation. This will be your building block for the construction of a Bridge of Peace between peoples.
You can donate from 10 euros. We have prepared interesting and useful gifts for donors. If you can not donate some amount, we will be very grateful for the likes and reposts

Here is a link to our fundraising project:

You can make a direct donation as well by using this address:
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