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Jury Prize

A Medal, director Yang  JunWu, China

Best Debut Animations:

Allegory, Director Timothé Auvray, France

Prostrate and Draw Near, Director Suraya AlShehry, Nabila Abuljadayel, Saudi Arabia

Best Debut Documentary:

LA LIXEIRA - the invisibles' dignity, Director Guido Galante, Italy

The landing, Director Iacopo Patierno, Italy

The Hunchback of Place Pompidou, Director Shayan   RAHMATI, France

Best Debut short film for children

Saint Nick, Director Ho Chung Tang, United States

Best Debut Short films:

Swallow, Director Oleksandra  Teslenko, Ukraine

VALITCHKA, Director Alexis CUZON, France

WILD, Director Nicolas Devienne, France

Best Animation:

A Bear Named Wojtek, Director Iain Gardner, United Kingdom

A guerra finita, Director Simone Massi,  Italy

Best Documentary for Peace:

Art on the Streets, Director Harriet Atkinson, United Kingdom

GREAT LEGACY in the Philippines, Director Rebecca Park, Republic of Korea

The Concrete Between Us, Director Claudio Laurini,  United Kingdom

Best documentary Anti-Racism:

Bending the Arc: Origins, Director Pam  Powell, United States

LOST VOICES - Reclaiming Sami Identity, Director Frode Vestad  Norway

Tula Lives! Directors Thijs Borsten, Rens Polman, The Netherlands

Best Documentary Sport for Peace:

Running for the Revolution, Director Mark Craig, United Kingdom

NEYVA, Director Sergei  Aleksandrov, Russian Federation

Best Documentary War and Aftermath:

Woiwode - Of Hope and Pain: The Memories of a Survivor, Director Maik Giessler, Germany

Best documentary Children Health:

TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR THIS WORLD, Director Aicha Ghembaza, France

Best Feature Films:

AYLAN BABY, Director   Omer  Sarikaya, Turkey

THE DEVOTED, Director, Pozsgai Zsolt, Hungary

THE GOAT , Director Ilaria Borelli, Italy

Best Short Films for Children:

CHRISTMAS  SNOW, Director Oleksandra Teslenko, Ukraine

PAULA'S DAD and the right button in his head, Director  Thomas Heinemann, Germany

Best Short Films:

SCISSORS, Director Tanweihua Tan, China

Legio Patria Nostra, Director Kévin Favillier, France

Best TV Series:

The Hero Inside Us, Director Shady Alariqy, Yemen/Germany

Best Animation Music Video:

We are the Earth, Director Zoé Rose, France


GREAT LEGACY in the Philippines, Director Rebecca Park,

Republic of Korea


Honorable Mentions:


Globby the Dragon, Director Yun Li, Xin Sun, Hong Kong

Honorable but Broken: EMS in Crisis, Director Bryony Jane Gilbey, United States


IMBROGLIO, Director     Dimitris Papagiannopoulos, Greece

Inventing Father, Director Hui Zhu, Hong Kong

MALLORY, Directors GOSSELIN Vincent, HARDUIN Simon, France

Me & the boys, Director Matt Hickinbottom, United Kingdom

OM, Director Jiahui Lai, Hong Kong

One Tuk-Tuk Driver at a Time, Director Ebony ten Broeke, Australia

Artist, Director Andrej Krasavin, Russian Federation

The dreams in images, Director Zicong   Wang, United Kingdom

Thomas the robot, Director Radames Clemente, Armenia

Ummi- Mother, Director Paolo Calì, Italy

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